2.45GHz, omni, 11dBi , waveguide, H.P. 0191A-0
Superpass SPDC3F-0
Broadband Aerial Antenna Wireless/Mobile Phone 700MHz-2.7GHz 11dBi Yagi0627Y11-0
CA-24-02, 0.9GHz/1.8 -2.5GHz Dual Band Ceiling Antenna-0
2.45 GHz N Jack (Female) Dipole Antenna ANT-NF2.45G1WST-0
2.45GHz, 13dBi, cross polar antenna, Superpass, SPFPG-13-H13-0
3.5GHz Cantenna Kit for Unwired cantkit_3.5-0
5.8Ghz Cantenna Kit for 802.11a Wireless,SMA conn-0
Completed Cantenna Kit with N Connector
Thru Hole Mobile Phone Antenna for 824 - 960 MHz, 1800MHz, 1900 MHz TC21-FME80-58-3500-0

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