SPDG14T, 2.45 GHz, Sector, Superpass SPDG14T-0
Broadband Aerial Antenna Wireless/Mobile Phone 700MHz-2.7GHz 11dBi Yagi0627Y11-0
5.8 GHz, Grid Directional Antenna GA-5800-27dBi-0
2.45GHz, omni, 8dBi Superpass SPDG160-0
SPDJ60, 5.8 GHz, Omni-Directional Antenna , Superpass-0
2.1GHz, omni, 5dBi UL-101-10-0
Dual Polarity 700-2700 MHz Panel Antenna ANT0627D8Z-DP-NF-0
2300 - 2700 MHz Dual Polarity 19dBi Panel Antenna ANT2327D19C-DP-0
ANT0825D7K1, Dual Band 820- 960MHz/ 1700-2500MHz. Outside Antenna. Pole Mount. -0
5150 - 5850 MHz Dual Polarity 19dBi Sector Antenna ANT4958D19T-120DP-0
2.3GHZ to 2.7GHz ANT2327D15T-120DP-0

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