Spreadsheet / Database Development

New – Spreadsheet / Relational Database Development – Access,  SQL, Oracle, Excel, Open Office Calc, Lotus 1-2-3 etc

We have extensive experience in  database development and also in manipulation of spreadsheets, particularly in overcoming their inherent limitations as databases which means you may well be able to get by without a relational database program.For example one spreadsheet may have a list of products (or employees or drawings or whatever) in a company with one set of information. Another spreadsheet, or some other source such as an accountancy package such as Quickbooks,  may have another list of some but not all of the same products, plus a few extra ones. It may be required to pull all that information into the same database or spreadsheet. That can be quite difficult and too time consuming to handle manually especially if there are a few thousand entries !

If you have similar or other types of relational database or spreadsheet problem, including writing macros, finding and deleting duplicate records, merging databases and spreadsheets,  we may be able to help. Email us with a description. We’ll advise and give you a quote.