FAT-NM5NF5T10G2W10, N attenuator, 10 dB, 10GHz, 2W-0
Sold Out FAT-NM5NF5T10G2W1, N attenuator, 1 dB, 10GHz, 2W-0
FAT-NM5NF5T10G2W20, N attenuator 20dB, 10GHz, 2W-0
JyeBao N type Attenuator, 2 Watt, 10GHz, 30dB FAT-NM5NF5T10G2W30-0
FAT-NM5NF5T10G2W3, N attenuator, 3dB, 10GHz, 2W-0
FAT-NM5NF5T10G2W6, N attenuator, 6dB, 10GHz, 2W-0
SMA fem to N male Adapter/Attenuator Adaptenuator, 2 Watt, up to 10GHz, 10dB FAT-NM5AF5T10G2W10-0

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