SHV, MHV, HN, 10kV and 20kV Connectors (High Voltage)

V30V30-RG11-10000, SHV (male to male) Coaxial Cable Assembly, RG11, 10m-0

SHV Connectors, MHV Connectors, HN Connectors and Other High Voltage Types

SHV Connectors, MHV,  Connectors and Other High Voltage Types.

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SHV Connectors are available for a variety of coaxial cable types including RG58, and RG59. However, you do need to be aware that these cable types themselves are typically rated at  2kV peak voltage, or less, ( it can vary according to source) and that any cable assembly is only as good as its weakest component.

TypeNom. Imp ZoOuter Dia. (mm)Nom loss (dB/100m) @ 50 MHzAttenuation (dB/100m)Vel. Factor %Cap. pF/mVoltage Rating {Vrms}
100 MHz200 MHz400 MHz1GHz
RG – 6A/U7574.736.378.8913.1~268253.12700
RG – 8/U5210.
RG – 9/U5110.675.27.210.515.429.26698.45000
RG – 11/U7510.
RG – 58/U53.54.9510.214.822.332.855.86693.51900
RG – 58A/U504.9510.816.123.937.770.5661011900
RG – 58C/U504.9510.816.123.937.770.5661011900
RG – 59/U736.157.911.216.123.339.46668.92300
RG – 59B/U756.157.911.216.12339.46667.32300
RG – 62/U936.046.28.912.517.728.58444.3700
RG – 62B/U936.156.69.513.82036.18444.3700
RG – 122/U504.0614.82332.849.987661011900
RG – 141A/U504.836.910.515.422.642.769.595.11900
RG – 142B/U504.958.912.818.426.944.369.595.21900
RG – 174/U502.5621.729.239.457.498.4661011500
RG – 178B/U501.8334.445.962.391.9150.969.595.11000
RG – 179B/U752.5427.932.84152.578.769.5641200
RG – 180B/U953.5615.118.724.935.155.869.5149.21500
RG – 187A/U752.6627.932.84152.578.769.5641200
RG – 188A/U502.5931.537.446.654.8101.769.595.21200
RG – 196A/U501.9334.445.962.391.9150.969.595.21200
RG – 213/U5010.
RG – 214/U5010.
RG – 223/U505.3810.114.82130.253.5661011900
RG – 303/U504.316.910.515.422.642.769.595.21900
RG – 316/U502.4930.834.143.354.1101.769.595.21200
BEL 99135010.2934.65.98.514.88478.7
LM-4005010.292.83.9 9.113.88577.12500


We’ve done some tests and concluded that RG11  is a good choice for its high dielectric breakdown characteristics and isn’t too heavy for the connector itself. RG11 is a 75 ohm cable but that isn’t significant for HV purposes, except that there tends to be a higher ratio of dielectric insulator to metal, than for 50 ohm cables, which means that their voltage breakdown should be higher. This combination should mean that the total assembly can be specified at the same voltage as the connectors themselves.

We can  make up cable assemblies to any required length, and  also supply connectors and cable separately.