Test Results for 195, 240 and 400 Cables

WRITTEN BY: Peter Martin 
Updated Monday, March21, 2022  


195 Cable (CLF195)

240 (CLF 240)

400 (CLF400)

15 metres of 400 cable , N male conns each end.     N30N30-400-15000

Loss at 2.45 GHz  = 3.8dB

This measurement is consistent with 0.22dB loss per metre and 0.25dB for each connector.

(15 x 0.22) + (2 x 0.25) =  3.8dB.

Comment on measuring loss in long cables using a VNA.
Slow down the sweep time until you get a consistent measurement! I found this out the hard way myself, and, nearly always, whenever customers have challenged the specs on supplied cables it has turned out to be a measurement issue.

Peter Martin