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North American Customers
Delivery to Canada and the USA is generally trouble free. Fedex and UPS offer a reliable service with delivery times typically less than a week. We include itemised HS codes which allow for 0% tariff for most of our products. Orders of less than $800 are generally waved through.

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Manufactured RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies.

Contact us for a quote on cable assemblies to suit your requirements. We use standard connectors (N, Microdot, SMA, TNC, Conventional and reverse etc) , standard and low loss cable such as RG58, RG178, RG316, RG402, RG405, RG142, LMR195, RG393, RG142 etc. (See our menu for a full list of products.)
Capabilities include High Voltage Connectors and Cables, such as SHV, MHV, 10kV, 20kV and also semi flex and semi rigid cables.

Connectors,  cable and other components held in stock will be usually be dispatched, either by first class post or 1-2 day (for UK) courier,  usually the same working day if ordered before 2 pm. Small quantity orders for manufactured cables, using components which are in stock,  will typically be 2-4 days.  Larger quantities, at a lower price, will take longer depending on order size and component availability.

If the stock quantity shown on a standard product is insufficient for your order let us know and we can increase the number to suit. We often make them ourselves in any case so it likely will just a matter of waiting a couple of extra days for the delivery.

More specialised High Value Cable Assemblies (examples)

VNA 70GHz Test Cables made to specification.

similar to Rosenberger

Budgetary Price

(Depending on Connector types and length)
£1.5k ex VAT  for a 60cm cable.   Lead time approx 5 weeks

Part Number:
(add specified length to PN)

High quality 18GHz long test cable. 

SMA male to N male
Using Jye Bao 5005 cable Similar to Sucoflex 103 (H&S), LL402 (Harbour), SFT-205 Maxigain (Times), SHF5M (Radiall), PE-TC195 (pasternack)

Budgetary price (25 metre length)


Part Number:

Other examples: https://www.jyebao.com.tw/products-15.html   There are a lot, so please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.



Cable Assemblies

Directional Couplers


Splitter, 0.8 - 2.5GHz, N Female Connectors, 4 way SPL-FO825-4MA-0



Bias Tees

DC Blocks

Coax. Cable (Unterminated)

400 series cable with multi-strand centre core (Ultraflex Equiv), 305m reel-0

Test Equipment

DC Feedthrus

Feedthru Terminations


HT-336, Crimp Tool-0

Lightning Protectors

Phase Trimmers

Rotary Joints

Plastic Protective Conn. Caps and Cable Boots.

RF Enclosures 



Shorts, Open, Loads

Waveguide Components




Featured Products


Huber and Suhner Torque Wrenches/Spanners.Torque Wrench

Jye Bao Torque Wrenches

Microdot Connectors, Cable Assemblies and Adapters

10KV and 20 KV Connectors.  

SHV Connectors, Adapters and Cable Assemblies.

MHV Connectors, Adapaters and Cable Assemblies

JyeBao MHV Plug (Male pin) suit RG59 MHV3100-0059-0

HN Connectors and Adapters

Omni Waveguide Antenna for Wi-Fi Broadcast
4.3 Connectors

C  Type Connectors

Semi-Rigid Cable Bending Tool (RG402 and RG405)


Standard BNC, HD-BNC (Micro) and Mini BNC Connectors


Reduced to clear items