Sold Out 2.45GHz, 15dBi, Flat panel directional antennas, , Superpass, SPFGG15-0
Sold Out 2.45GHz, 19dBi, Flat panel directional antennas , Superpass, SPFPG19-0
SP-0727-01, 700MHz to 2.7 GHz 2 way Splitter, SMA(f) conns-0
SP-0727-02, 700MHz to 2.7 GHz 3 way Splitter, N(f) conns-0
SP-0727-03, 700MHz to 2.7 GHz 4 way Splitter, N(f) conns-0
800-2500 MHz SMA Jack (Female pin) 2 Way Splitter, ASP1002SMAF ASP1002SMAF-0
Sold Out 800-960/1710-2500 MHz 11dBi Yagi, Triangle Antenna 3G, 4G, Next G ANT0825Y11-0
A30T60-195/200-2000, SMA conv male pin, RP-TNC (female pin), 195 Cable, Length = 2m, loss at 2.45GHz < 1.8dB-0
AD-B8B8, BNC(f) -BNC(f)-0

AD-B8B8, BNC(f) -BNC(f)

£4.47 - £5.26 Ex Vat
AD-V3V3, SHV adapter, plug to plug-0

AD-V3V3, SHV adapter, plug to plug

£13.40 - £15.76 Ex Vat
AD-V8V8, SHV adaptor, jack to jack-0

AD-V8V8, SHV adaptor, jack to jack

£12.72 - £14.96 Ex Vat

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